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Rectangular can leak tester

Automatic air pressure leak tester(12 channel means it can test 12 products at the same time) can meet your need on testing the air tightness of products.The detecting Φ0.2 mm pinhole.

HMI provides abundant humancomputer interaction information.Pressure on test process would be shown by curve diagram,which will bring convenience for operator and improve efficiency,system will record tester data and refresh on next time(include pressure change curve of detection process).

Historical data records provide 8 previous historical detection data and cyclic refresh automatically.

Double detecting function.Double detecting on each product by one machine,to prevent error and improve the testing reliability.

Provide high pressure ultra limited protection for pressure sensor

Parameter setting of password protection

Formula function

Universal output terminal(terminal backup function).system reserve 1-2 pcs of universal output terminal,it can be arbitrarily specified to a particular DO output,Rapid recovery of production interruption caused by accidental damage of terminal

Adopts high accuracy test part PT,fuzzy logic control

Modular mechanical design,sturdy and durable, beautiful and generous

Excellent Parts material(see attached F-0.1),to make sure the system run smoothly.

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