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Aerosol can leak tester

Automation Rotary Leak Tester For Aerosol Cans

Product Profile

Automation rotary leak lester for aerosol cans is a new generation hollow containers leakage testing equipment,developed on our years of experience, engaged a leading position in world testing field. These machines adopts many crucial techniques, enables high speed, stable and reliable undamaging on line testing. It is suitable for the leakage testing of all kinds of hollow metal cans and aerosol cans. It is the most suitable supporting equipment for hollow aerosol cans production line.


1. Reliable, Stable and High speed. Based on advanced PC control technologies, using precision pressure transducer, greatly improve inspection precision and reliability. Provide max 48 channels for each machine,testing process were done in moving, speed can reach 25,000 pcs/hour. Being applicable to the leak testing and the quality control for all kinds of high speed cans packaging line.And also suitable for high speed aerosol cans equipment on line testing.

2. Automatic rotary leak tester for aerosol cans has the series functions of fully automatic arranging cans, transporting cans and testing, which is highly beyond of the traditional testing methods,such as the water pressure testing equipment. This machine embedding in aerosol can production line perfetly, automated high speed line non-destructive testing. Productivity has risen greatly, improve the quality and reduce the labor. Fully meet the product technical requirement of aerosol cans of diameter 45-65mm, height 50-300m, that is the most suitable equipment for producing aerosol cans company.

3. User interface is personalized design. Touched HIMI provides ample system information and operatin information. Easy to operate and maintain.

4. Dynamically tracing the operating parameters of the system. The pressure of each channel during the inspection is displayed with a curve, so the pressure changes in aerosol cans are clear.

5. Check data record. The system saves the data on the last 8 inspections for each channel for operation which and be adjusted easily and quickly.

6. Using the precision inspection component PT. with fuzzy logic control.

7. Modular machine design.Solid,durable,and attractive.

8. Material of components are superior, to ensure that the system operates reliably.

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